Sunday, 5 July 2009

Ps3 Crash!

The 60Gb just collapsed. The laser got fried, so now we have to copy the saved games over and start playing on my dads 40Gb.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Jonas Sleeping Again!

Jonas is sound asleep, while Martin, John Tore, Sondre, Leif, and Maren Elin are playing games like Fifa 09, Cod 5, Worms and more. Martin is about to leave I think, but Leif is suppose to stay the night here, finally we get some company at night aswell!

Well, there's not to much to say, so cheers!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Visitation Rights!

Today we have some visitors; Ådne and Leif, Leif is sitting playing Prototype on his WINDOWS pc. And Ådne is playing COD5 with John Tore and Jonas, also, Maren Elin is sitting here complaining over everything all the time, but we just ignore here and keep on playing.

Sondre is sound asleep, and Jonas is going strong without sleep. I think he's in some kind of sleep mode, because it takes him over 24hours before he even starts looking tired.


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sleeping Crysis!

We had a sleeping problem, Jonas were sleeping while John Tore and Sondre were playing Cod 5 and Rock Band through the night, but John Tore were so sleepy he fell asleep during songs, and Sondre was getting pretty sleepy to, so when Jonas walked through the door, John Tore jumped into bed and Sondre fell asleep in the gaming room. Jonas sat playing Metal Gear 2 while the two were sleeping and when the clock struck 2000 they were awoken. At 2030 there was Mexican Soup, were Jonas and John Tore ate with the family and Sondre sat playing alone, 10minutes into the dinner Ådne showed up, and went upstairs to play with Sondre.

So now were playing Cod 5: Nazi Zombies, and all are well in the land again.
06:00 Wednesday July 2009. We just had 2 change Playstation since Jt´s Playstation got overheated or something... We´r not quite sure what happened to it but we think it is because of the tremendous amount of heat in this room, it feel like I am going to melt to death, but I somehow survive because of the fan blowing in my direction. Have currently played COD5 World at war on zombie mod all night long(creepy)