Thursday, 1 January 2009

Recent Updates

We need sponsors to sponsor us with games, food, and other supplies. You can pay for having a banner over the TV so that the banner is shown on the web cam, or you can have it on our blog. It's up to you what you decide.

Recent updates:
  • We have changed the duration of the next project from 14 days to 10 days. (Because that's a more realistic duration. Also 14 days might be to long for our bodies.)
  • We have gotten a live streaming web cam up and running on Stickam.
  • We are trying to fix the 13 hour maximum filming that we had on the previous project. (We would love some tips)
  • We're looking for sponsors.
  • We're dry training for the project by staying up all night and playing.
  • We think we have found a sleeping pattern that might work better than the last we had.
  • We've got PSN Home so now it's easier to interact with some of our fans.
  • We've past Christmas and there has been a few games added to the list.

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