Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Possible Date Sett For The Project

The day is finally here, tell all you're friends.The date is now sett for the project, after many discussions of when it was best to have it. Some of us are travelling abroad and this was what made it take some time to decide when to do the project. But we finally landed on a date that will fit us good. And we hope it will fit all of you good as well.

The date of the big project is the 16. July to 23. July (Week 29-30). So all our fans most clear their schedule. The reasons that we picked this date was that some of us are travelling abroad as mentioned earlier. And also quite important is the fact that there are new games to the Norwegian market, that we have some big expectations to. To mention some game titles: Battlefield: Bad Company (26/6), LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures(6/6), Metal Gear Solid Guns of the Patriots(12/6) and Race Driver GRID (30/5). This is not all game titles that we will buy, but it's a list of games we have high expectations to. And will probably buy.

We are working on our GWR application and at this moment it looks O.K. It is sadly to soon to say any more than this. But we can promise you that we will continue to write the updates on this blog as soon as we get more information.

The purpose of this blog is to get some attention. We want as many as possible to know about it. We also want to all of you out there to add our Gamer IDs to you're Playstation 3 system so that we can play against/with you. (Our gamer IDs are located on the left side of the blog) We are not what you might call experts in different game types like football, shooting and driving games, but we are descent in almost all of them.

The best of luck to you from Gamer the lucky gamer.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

GWR Agreement

We have finally got a reply from GWR, it's a no-reply e-mail though. We have to sign a contract and fax it to them basicly for the world record attempt to be official. We really hope the record attempt will get accepted. If it does, the biggest problem will be to find an "expert" in gaming. We think we might have to contact one of our local electronic shop keepers to help us out on this area.

But don't worry, the project will continue even if we don't get the project confirmed by GWR's so to all our fans: Don't worry, we are not going to cancel the project for any other reason than illness or similar.

The planing are going well, we are reading about epilepsy in case of the worst. We currently know some about it, but still not enough. Safety comes first. We are not endangering our heath by playing video games, that's for sure! We still need to sign the agreement, and fax it to GWR, to settle it. So everybody cross you're fingers and toes for the best!

You're safe Gamer: Gamer!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

The Project Detalis

This is our application to Guinness World Records
We are three guys, Jonas, John Tore and Sondre. We are all dedicated gamers and came up with the idea that we actually wanted to play games 24/7. We want to play the Playstation 3 for a complete week, both night and day.

We figured that we wont be able to stay awake for 168 hours straight, so we will make sure that at least one is playing on the Playstation 3, and the two others may sleep or keep the gamer company. This process will rotate, making sure that the three of us all get to sleep and play. We intend to film everything, with a static camera hooked up to a computer running Linux, and use the video as proof of the record. We also want to make sure that a clock is in the sight of the camera.

The record is based on the amount of time we will spend playing, without ever leaving the house. The only area we will allow ourselves to move within is the second floor of the house we will be in. On this floor we will have access to a room with the Playstation 3, a bathroom and a bedroom.

For 168 hours (a week) we will be indoors playing the Playstation 3. We will receive food, water and other supplies from the owners of the house, without ever leaving the floor. We might walk down a part of the stairs in order to receive supplies, but we will not set foot on any other floor during the record attempt.

One gamer will be present at the Playstation 3 at all times. The person playing will change every three hours. A person will be present and keeping the gamer company for three hours. We will also sleep for 3 hours, but if needed we will sleep for 6, leaving the gamer to play alone. The system will be like this: play 3 hours, sleep 3 hours, watch 3 hours. But we will keep the shifts flexible, allowing us to swap shifts, change the length of our shifts and skip our shifts, as long as one of us is playing the Playstation 3.

We will be playing multiple games, both online and offline. We might have to shut down the Playstation 3 some times, in order to escape bugs, crashes or other technical errors and difficulties. In the end we want to use the footage captured by the static camera and other footage related to the record attempt and make an amateur video documentary about what we did.

Media: We will probably talk to our local newspaper, Vestavind, and maybe the newspaper in our nearest city, Haugesunds Avis in Haugesund. We might try to talk to a local radio channel called Radio 102.We might launch a video on Youtube.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Guinness World Records

Our application to GWR (Guinness World Records) is now sent. We hope that they will approve our application, so that we might get "famous". The process of making the application was long, but it gave me a good impression of GWR, they don't fool around. If we get the approval from GWR other media will probably want to write about us. But if we don't get GWR's approval we will still be carrying out the project. GWR is only something extra, it's not crucial to the project.

Hopefully we will get the answer from them in a couple of days. So everybody cross you're fingers. We also have plans to contact Vestavind (The local newspaper at our home), Haugesunds avis (another local newspaper) and Radio 102 (a local radio channel). We hope to get through at least to one of these three local medias.

We hope you will continue to check our blog, and don't be shy to leave a comment.
We will try to keep this blog updated. But there won't be any big news until we get a reply from GWR. The blog will be updated daily when the week starts. We also hope to give the date for the project, but the planing has not yet come that far.

You're truly: Gamer

Monday, 12 May 2008

PS3 24/07

We are three boys from Norway, trying to break a world record, we are going to play a PS3 for an entire week. The plan is that at least one of us is going to play the PS3 and one is keeping him company, while the third one is sleeping. This blogg is the only place you can read about what we are going to do. We are going to videotape it all first hand. And when we are done we will make a documentary of it. So keep checking our blogg, because this is where it all goes down.

The Crew are: Jonas, Sondre and John Tore, we are three boys from Norway. We have always liked playing video games, but it's this summer we will put our passion to the test. The week that is going to be the gaming week will be while we have summer break in Norway.

If you want to play a game with us, our gamer tag is: Twister_r0 and this is a list of the games we currently have 12/May-2008:

- Folklore (Not Online)+
- Assassin's Creed (Not Online)+
- LOST™ (Not Online)-
- Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (Online) *+
- Time Shift (Online) /-
- Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga (Online) /+
- Army of Two (Online) *
- Motorstorm (Online) -
- Burnout Paradise (Online) -
- Resistance fall of Man (Online) *+
- Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock (Online) /+
- Grand Theft Auto IV (Online) (* Story Mode)+

- * means that we have played the game through (Offline)
- = means that we have played the game through (Online)
- / means that we haven't played the game online
- + means that we have played the game for over 5 hours online
- - means that we have played the game for less than 5 hours online

We will probably buy some more games before this, and the complete list will come out some days before the gaming week.