Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Done And Done!

We have finished the project! Finally! The last hour Haugesunds Avis were here, the interviewed us, and took a lot of photos. Now we're heading to Sveio to get something to eat!


Now there is only 12 hours left of the week! Jonas is still sleeping and Sondre are trying to sleep. John Tore is playing Beijing 2008 and his actually doing it ok.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Still Going Strong!

We are still going strong! The 40GB PS3 system has not yet crashed, but we keep getting signed of the internet preventing us to play online. We are rank 15 on Battlefield: Bad Company, and level 54 on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. We have used most of our time on Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and we have also played Race Driver: GRID and Folklore a bit. Currently we're playing Battlefield: Bad Company offline. Soon theres only 12 hours left of the project. And we probably got enough Coco Pops to survive the rest of the holiday. Our new fridge is working super and nobody has fallen out the window yet.

Jonas is still awake, but he don't want to stay awake the last hours. So if you think he should write a comment. We think we have reached the stage of tiredness where you don't realize that we're tired (if that's possible). We are also playing SPORE: Creatures Creator on the Windows iMac. But currently there's only me and Jonas in the room.

John Tore made 56% of Top Gun anthem on Expert on Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock today, and Jonas is getting the hang of medium. We are expecting Haugesunds Avis to pay us a visit tomorrow, and we are looking forward to it. We understand that people has lost interest in us, but I thank all of you that checks our blog frequently. I think we have reached 30 Liters of Coca Cola. Witch is not too bad for one week of gaming.

We also had a couple of visitors: Tove (Jonas' big sister, by the way: congrats with you're drivers license!), Vanja (Jonas| cousin) and Jeanette (our neighbor). Soon there's only 12 hours to go!

24 Hours Left!

There is only 24 hours left of the project, witch means 24 hours left of non sleep for Jonas, me and Sondre. We are going to stay awake for the remaining 24 hours. Jonas is the one that have slept the least this week. Personally I don't think Jonas will make it, he hasn't slept for more than 4 hours the last 24 hours. The way we are going to celebrate is to sleep for for a good period of time!

Sondre Is Back In Bed

John Tore and Sondre just switched, so now Sondre is sleeping. Jonas continues to stay awake, frankly I don't understand him. We are still playing MGS4 and are at Vamp at the moment.

Interviews Done

We are now done with two interviews, P4 and radio 102. We are all quite tired here now, Sondre is playing RuneScape and me and Jonas are finishing MGS4 for the fourth time this week. Other than that theres not really much to say other than that we are expecting Haugesunds Avis around 1700.

0800 Yet Again!

The clock is ticking and tocking, and the end of the week gets closer by the second. We are gaming MGS4 again, it's definitively the best game we have! We have played through it 2 times by now.

We have discovered a new energy drink that tastes like shit, instead of Battery add Burn. Everybody must tune inn on P4 between 0800 and 0830 this morning. That's when the interview is. I think Jonas might bee just a teeny tiny bit tired. Sondre woke me up at around 0300 because Jonas did not amuse him enough...

Monday, 14 July 2008

T-47 Hours remaining!

We now have 47 hours left. Also meaning we have constantly played ps3 for the last 121 hours. We have defeated MGS4 again, 8 Hours and 1 death. We are now doing it without killing anyone, or dying! Sondre is still sound asleep. John Tore is going crazy, he's not sleepy anymore, all thanks to our energy mixture. We are starting to get "light headed"...

The Energy Drink recopy (Best made in 0,5L):
- 1/3 Coca Cola (Not a copy brand)
- 1/3 Battery (Energy drink, not the thing)
- 1/3 Green Ice Tea (Lime flavour)

For the ultimate effect chug it! Drink everything up. If this doesn't work, I don't know what will. This is the one that tastes the best, if you want an even better result use this recopy:
The Ultimate Energy Drink:
- 2/5 Coca Cola (the real deal)
- 2/5 Battery (the energy drink)
- 1/5 Ice Team (Lime flavour)
Then chug it all down at once! And you won't get to sleep for atleast 15minutes.

The reason this Energy Drink is so good is:
- You're body gets a shock because it does not taste to good.
- You get a lot of sugar inn you in just some seconds.
- Every item contains a pretty large amount of coffine.
- You're body gets a lot of fluid it has to process.

Thanks Orriekm!

We want to thank for helping us with moving the saved games! You are a true hero!

John Tore Dies Of Tiredness!

John Tore dies of tiredness and Sondre is dead of tiredness. Just kidding... John Tore is very tired, he had a Super-Drink, and the effect is now gone. Sondre has been sleeping for approximately 13 hours, and we have tried to wake him but he just wants to keep sleeping. My mum and dad are on a visit to my cousin and her husband, to check out their new home. So we are all alone in the house! No maids at this moment... Me and Jonas have played:
- Folklore
- Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock
- Battlefield: Bad Company (Online)
- Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. (We have played this game the most this time)

We have also upgraded the "fridge" it's now a box, because when the coke boxes were in the plastic bag, they got holes, check photos.

It Finally Happened!

Jonas finally did it! He spilt coke, and not only spilt on the floor and table, but also on several of the games! I'm quite impressed over him, it took him over 4 days to do it, that's not bad!

P4 just had an interview with me, so if you want to hear me, just tune in on P4 from 0800 to 0830. Sondre is still sound asleep, and me and Jonas just had Tove come over with some sandwiches for us. Now that's service! Me and Jonas are playing Battlefield: Bad Company online, so if you're bored. Join us!

10000 Hits!

This is unbelievable! 10 000 Hits! 10 000 Hits! 10 000Hits! I just need to thank all our loyal friends for this milestone! And I hope you all will continue to check inn on the blog. This milestone is not ours, it's yours!


Jonas is awake again. he got some serious sleep and he's up and running. Sondre went to sleep, and John Tore is doing pretty well considering that he's the fella that slept the least. Everyone has had another shower and we are eating breakfast.

Folklore is the game we are running now. We might finish of this one too, but probably not in one stretch, like we did with MGS4. We are planning on playing MGS4 on the highest difficulty setting, and we are going to try and get through the game with as few kills, alerts and deaths as possible.

Loads Of Visitors!

Almost Sondre's entire family came to visit. Asta (his mother), Gunnhild (his older sister), Stine, Katrine (oldest sister) and Arnt (Katrine's boy-friend), we also had a visit from Helene and Kine again, and Ådne took the scary trip from his house and over to us. Jonas is still sleeping, he has been sleeping since 1900. Me and Sondre are keeping our eye-lids up by drinking the home-bred energy-drink. It kinda tastes like coke slush. We have been playing Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriots some more (on act 3 again), Folklore (Rank 7 now) and now we are playing Race Driver GRID. We thank everyone for good comments on how to move the saved games. Last time I tried I to copy them I clicked on game data, not saved files... So thanks for telling me ho to do it! Now we can continue all the saves from the 60GB ps3... After the project I will take a backup of the hard-drive, and reset it.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

John Tore Is Awake Again!

John Tore is finally awake after a couple of hours of sleeping. Jonas were so tired that he has slept along side Sondre while he were playing MGS4 again. It's soon supper (I hope) and I hope that it'll be something good. Now we will see how long Jonas is going to sleep. I'll at least try to stay awake for some time now. There are a lot of people visiting us at the moment.

Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriots Finished!

We have just finished MGS4 it was an good ending, even-thought we watch much of the clips after the credits... Because of a laughter-cramp... We played for 18 hours 47 minutes and 50 seconds. We also died 18 and killed 429 fuckos (We are trigger-happy devils!) on Solid (Normal) We got the title "Eagle" all this on Solid (Normal). Jonas is very tired now and his humour has reached rock bottom.

Act 5 In MGS4!

We have now reached Act 5 Old Sun. We are on their boat and the objective is to destroy the nuke. WE have been playing 13hours and have died around 17 times. We currently have 100 000DrebinPoints. Jonas and me are getting pretty tired, I actually had to wake Jonas up once, he fell asleep for a minute or so, Sondre isn't showing signs of sleepiness, witch is good. The 40GB is still going strong with a fan cooling it down at all times. When the room has reached its hottest I guess it was about 25-27 degrees inn here. and at the coldest probably 16-18 degrees. We don't know what game we are going to play after MGS4 but we are definitely playing this game through! The only negative about it is that you have to register an new account on their network to play online. Other than that it's as perfect as possible!

The neighbours cows are now waking up. If I had to guess I would guess that we have drank proximately 10liters of Coke, one batter almost two Ice-teas and a couple of litres of water.

0600 Again!

It's yet another 0600 blog post! We're all still "awake", we made the dream with the nostalgic game graphics. We are in other words on the 3 Act of MGS4: Guns of the Patriots. The sun is coming over the horizons, and there is a morning smell outside. Tonight we had no wasp or mosquito visitors, and we are very grateful for that! MGS4 is one of greatest games to PS3 that I have ever played. We are still looking forward to the ending scene. Non of us wants to go to sleep, because we don't want to miss a cut-scene. Well now it's time for breakfast... Coco Pops Crunchies (or something like that...)

Old Snake

We're now playing the mission where you're playing one of the older Metal Gear Solid games. We now see that the new game is one of the easier game in the series. This is really hard to do, any suggestions? We are all "awake" now, and ready for yet a day to come!

Sondre Woke Up!

Sondre is now wide awake! He's pumping Coke, and he has had a shower. Kine and Helene played Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, Crash Team Racing, and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, frankly they were not too bad at any of the games....... Jonas is starting to show symptoms of sleepiness, and I'm not exactly wide awake myself. We are now starting up MGS4 again, and have the plan of playing it through this week.

Sondre Still Sleeping

Sondre did not want to wake up, after a very long day/nigh I understand him, it's not easy only sleeping a couple of hours each time. We are still stuck on Act 3 of MGS4, in the mission where we are following the resistance guy around the city. Little Jonas and Ådne are still here. And Kine and Helene might come in the near future. We thank all our "fans" for all of the hits on our blog, this is out of the world crazy!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Act 3 of MGS4

We have now played through the act 2 of Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriots. Little Jonas and Ådne has come to visit us, and we now have over 7000Hits on the Blog!

Sondre Went To Bed

After some long hours for Sondre he has now gone to bed. After he fell asleep in the gaming room, we woke him up, and sent him to bed. We have all eaten two pizzas from Milano (in Sveio) and it was very tasty! Sondre is getting up at around 0000, and we are still on act 2 in MGS. John Tore just came out of the shower, and he is now wide awake, Jonas showes almost no signs of being sleepy.

John Tore Is Awake Again!

After sleeping for some 11 hours, John Tore is awake again, he's refreshed and ready to game. Jonas and Sondre have been playing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for about 3 hours. And they just made it to act 2. So far, its a great game, good enough to keep us going for som hours, and we are probably going to finish it before the end of our week.

John Tore's PS3 (the 60 gig) is still not working, so we are atill using the 40 gig version. All the saves and the downloaded content is on the 60 gig, forcing us to start the games we play on the 40 gig from the start. But considering tha fact that we have loads of time to play them, its ok.

Jonas is awake!

We woke up Jonas and gave him some home brewed "wake up drink" (Coca Cola, Ice tea with Lime flavor and Battery) he's now playing Loco Rocco and looks like he's enjoying it... We are currently playing everything on the 40Gb version because the 60GB isn't working to good. I'm going to call or email Sony later today. Now Sondre is playing RuneScape, because he got tired of Gmod... I'm thinking about going to bed some time soon, and i hope I get to sleep. We're probably going to start Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriots on the 40GB console, because we want to see how it is later on in the game. We hadn't played for more than a couple of hours so we don't have to do much over again.

PS: If there are someone who knows how you can get you're saves from one console to another, we would really appreciate it a lot! We are using the same profile on both consoles if that matters.

Good Morning! 0600

Jonas is still sleeping and I'm trying to play on the 60GB PS3... The way solution I came to was that I could buy some PSX classics on PSN and play them... My mother wants to play Crash Bandicoot, so we will see how this ends up... Sondre is still playing Gmod and he has decided to stay awake for 24 hours. He slept to 1500 yesterday, so he's almost there only 8 more hours... The blog is still popular and I thank all of you for checking it.

4000 Hits!

This is beyond amazing. We don't have words to describe what we are feeling, and we thank you all for supporting us in this project!

In other news: The days are getting longer our eye-lids are getting heavier and our body's are starting to feel it. We are not pro gamers that is why this is not a super easy task for us. sitting here gaming 24/7 is actually not super fun. It's fun, don't misunderstand me but it would have been funner on the 60GB PS3 system.

We are all praying that the 60GB version is going to get well, and that the 40GB version won't crash! If that one crashes it's all over for this project.

Crash Team Racing!

We have bough Crash Team Racing on PSN (Playstation Network). We bough it with my account but we are playing it on my dads PS3. Jonas is very tired and he just went to sleep, after a long day and night. We are not following the sleep-shift table anymore, so now whoever is tired goes to bed. My sister is not home any longer, so now we got two bedrooms to sleep in, meaning that two can sleep at the same time if necessary. The weather is dark and cold now witch is the best conditions for us. We have three visitors: Little Jonas, Ådne (Jonas' little brother) and Tove (Jonas' big sister). We are still waiting for Beijing 2008 and Bourne Conspiracy, we are forever grateful to him!

Sondre is playing Gmod on the iMac (running Windows xp) and the rest of us are having an huge tournament on Crash team Racing

Friday, 11 July 2008

Links To Articles About Us

I figured out that it would be good if we added all the links to all the articles about us.

We have also been on Radio 102 and there's an article about us in Haugesunds Avis.

We are still playing GH3 and we are progressing in a huge speed. We have bought Crash Team Racing and are waiting to play that one.

3000 Hits!

This is beyond crazy! We had never guesed that it would come so many people would check out our blog. We are now playing Guitar Hero III Legens of Rock, and er had to start all over again. My mom has a "pary" so the quests are checking in from time to time. We got an article on ITavisen aswell. So thanks for all the support!

2000 Hits

We have reached 2000 Hits! This is amazing. We have also got some visitors, Christer, Little Jonas, and Ådne. The action just keeps building while we are playing LOST. The game is not excactelly the greatest game in the world, but I had'nt played it so much, so that's why we picked it. We are playing it on the 40GB version.

1000 Hits!

We have finally reached 1000 hits on our blog, and this is all thanks to all of you that read it.

Me and Jonas are playing GTA IV on the 40GB Ps3 system because we want to try to cool down the 60GB and let it rest for some while, but we are NOT giving up this easy!

ERROR 80010514!

This means that the PS3 system has crashed. It either a firmware problem, meaning that it's the new download that is wrong, or it can be a problem with the harddrive. We thought the problem had fixed it self, but then, it happend again, as I write. So me and Jonas are praying to God, we have taken up my dads PS3 but then we need to start all the games over again, or we have to switch harddrives. For now it looks as if my PS3 is fucked!

We Got A Big Article In Haugesunds Avis!

We thank Stina from Haugesunds Avis for the fantastic article and we hope it was not to much truble finding my house. The article got on the first page in part two of the news-paper.

In other news, Jonas is quite tired and he "cheated" he fell ASLEEP! while I were owning the last boss in Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction. Sondre is sound asleep for all we know, and me and Jonas are thinkink about getting something for breakfast.

Good Morning!

Another 0600 Post! Me and Jonas are going to finish the game we played while Haugesunds Avis was here, Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction. Sondre just went to bed after six more hours than what he planned. The reason for this was that he did not feel tired when it were his shift, so I (John Tore) swapped with him. I am very tired, because I did not get tired befor 0400 myself... So the swap was kindof useless for me...

More News

Day 3 is here, and we are all up, Sondre has forgotten to go to bed, and Jonas is awake, after his very long sleep earlier. For some reason he can't sleep. has published an article about us, and we are basically thrilled about it! I see there are some mixed thoughts about the project, but I think that most people support us. We are crossing our fingers for a good article in Haugesunds Avis today, or tomorrow. Jonas is playing Battlefield: Bad Company, and he is tagging every tank he can find.

Sondre is playing Spore Creature Creator on the iMac, and I'm posting blogs. So I hope that you all will continue reading on our blog.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

A Lot Is Happening!

A new visitor! Tove, she is Jonas' big sister joined us, and my sister Maren Elin is also here. We had Chilli as supper, even though Sondre and Jonas had some Pizzas when I were sleeping! Sondre thought it was a bit to hot. Unfortunately for him he had to sit upstairs and play while he was eating, and I got to go down to eat like a human-being. Jonas is not sleeping at the moment, but he thinks he has slept some. Now it is only two hours until it's Sondre's time to go to slepp.

Thank you all for comments!

Two New Games!

Mikael Harstad Groven got so thrilled by the idea of the project that he decided to send two games to us in the mail to give us a bigger variation of gaming. He sent the following games:
- Beijing 2008
- The Bourne Conspirasy
We just cant thank him enough for his kindness. We hope the get the games in the mail at Monday or Tuesday.

In other news, Jonas' little brother Ådne came the see how we were doing and he came to sit and play. Me Sondre and Ånde are playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare versus on some of the new maps I have downloaded. We all hope Jonas will get some sleep this time, because the last time it was his sleep shift it did not go to good.

Press coverage!

The local newspaper, Haugesunds Avis, just paid us a visit. They did an interview, like the radio did, and they took pictures! Meaning, if nothing worthy of ending up in the newspaper happens, we might end up in it. And if we get in the papers, our blog might get more hits.

And! Our project has gotten some notice from the Scandinavian game magazine Gamereactor! They did a notice about our project on their webpage, and they linked to our blog . That is pretty darned huge for us, because that is a quality magazine. And quality web page + link to our blog = possibility for more hits!

In other news, Army of Two is completely finished. The extra downloadable coop maps are done, all the guns are pimped and fully upgraded.. And we are finishing of Ratchet and Clank, Tools of destruction. We are also about to change shifts, letting the very sleepy John Tore get some sleep, after 26 hours of being wide awake. Good work John Tore.

Interview With Local Radio-station

We just got interviewed bye the local radio-station "Radio 102". They asked some questions, we answered, you know a normal interview. We are waiting for the local newspaper to arrive and interview us some more. We have learned a valuable lesson so far: "If you are doing something out of the ordinary, tell the local media." They are very kind to pay-attention to us, and we thank them for their time.


The clock shows 06:00 here in Norway. Most people are asleep at this particularly tiring part of the day.. We are not.. Two of us are wide awake, one gaming, the other eating breakfast. The third fella is trying to get some shut-eye, good luck to him.

Race driever GRID dominates the the big screen now, but its about to get dominated by Army of Two, a personal favourite amongst us. New maps, all thanks to downloadable content, might get us back into that neat fashion of being hooked to a coop game.

As I type, the game is starting. Therefore I take my leave from typing to do some coop killing.

We have detected a big issue!

The Curtain in the bed-room is letting almost all the light through and this is causing that Jonas almost did not sleep. We are going to fix this at 0600 by installing a better curtain.

Also, the iMac that is recording everything, has been recording for over 10 Hours now, and it has yet not crashed. This would have been amazing on a Windows based system, but on a Mac it's just everyday matter.

Sondre is the next in line to sleep and it's only 90minutes left till he gets it! Right now he's enjoying him self with the game: Race driver GRID, I think he likes the replays the best.

Everything is going according to plan, except the curtain issue, and the issue that we are being extremely tired. I just took a shower to keep me awake, and Jonas is trying to sleep.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The project has started!

Now we have finally started! As I write this Jonas is preparing to go to sleep. We started on Wednesday at 1800. We are going to sleep 6 hours each on shifts and play in shifts.

Tomorrow Haugesunds Avis is coming and if we are lucky we get to get on the air with Radio Haugaland and Radio 102. So everybody cross you're fingers. We have been playing the following games so far:
- Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction
- Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
- The Orang Box (We are playing that now)
- We wanted to play Resistance Fall Of Man three-player cooperative but it did not work.

We are now 6 hours out and personally I only feel a little sleepy because I only slept 5 hours tonight and I am nervous for the coming 12 hours of the night. Me and Sondre are going to make this shift perfectly and when Sondre goes to sleep.

Please continue to check in as the hours pass...

Thursday, 3 July 2008

The date is getting closer and the complete list of PS3 games is here

As the days go by and it becomes hotter we are preparing for this summers big event! It is extremely hot here, today at noon the temperature was over 30Celcius in the shade.

I have updated my game list so please check it out again. That is all the big news for this time. See you all in a very, very short time!

Here is the complete list of PS3 games that we have:

- Folklore (Not Online)+
- Assassin's Creed (Not Online)+
- LOST™ (Not Online)-
- Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (Online) *+
- Time Shift (Online) /-
- Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga (Online) /+
- Army of Two (Online) *
- Motorstorm (Online) -
- Burnout Paradise (Online) -
- Resistance fall of Man (Online) *+
- Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock (Online) /+
- Grand Theft Auto IV (Online) (* Story Mode)+
- Battlefield Bad Company (Online) [New]
- Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots (Online) [New]
- Race Driver GRID (Online)+/
- Fifa 08 (Online)+/
- Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction (Offline)-

- * means that we have played the game through (Offline)
- = means that we have played the game through (Online)
- / means that we haven't played the game online
- + means that we have played the game for over 5 hours online
- - means that we have played the game for less than 5 hours online
- [New] means that the game was bought has not been played yet