Sunday, 5 July 2009

Ps3 Crash!

The 60Gb just collapsed. The laser got fried, so now we have to copy the saved games over and start playing on my dads 40Gb.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Jonas Sleeping Again!

Jonas is sound asleep, while Martin, John Tore, Sondre, Leif, and Maren Elin are playing games like Fifa 09, Cod 5, Worms and more. Martin is about to leave I think, but Leif is suppose to stay the night here, finally we get some company at night aswell!

Well, there's not to much to say, so cheers!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Visitation Rights!

Today we have some visitors; Ådne and Leif, Leif is sitting playing Prototype on his WINDOWS pc. And Ådne is playing COD5 with John Tore and Jonas, also, Maren Elin is sitting here complaining over everything all the time, but we just ignore here and keep on playing.

Sondre is sound asleep, and Jonas is going strong without sleep. I think he's in some kind of sleep mode, because it takes him over 24hours before he even starts looking tired.


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sleeping Crysis!

We had a sleeping problem, Jonas were sleeping while John Tore and Sondre were playing Cod 5 and Rock Band through the night, but John Tore were so sleepy he fell asleep during songs, and Sondre was getting pretty sleepy to, so when Jonas walked through the door, John Tore jumped into bed and Sondre fell asleep in the gaming room. Jonas sat playing Metal Gear 2 while the two were sleeping and when the clock struck 2000 they were awoken. At 2030 there was Mexican Soup, were Jonas and John Tore ate with the family and Sondre sat playing alone, 10minutes into the dinner Ådne showed up, and went upstairs to play with Sondre.

So now were playing Cod 5: Nazi Zombies, and all are well in the land again.
06:00 Wednesday July 2009. We just had 2 change Playstation since Jt´s Playstation got overheated or something... We´r not quite sure what happened to it but we think it is because of the tremendous amount of heat in this room, it feel like I am going to melt to death, but I somehow survive because of the fan blowing in my direction. Have currently played COD5 World at war on zombie mod all night long(creepy)

Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Today there has been a lot of visitors today, first there were Sondres family, then Tove and Ådne, and ever after that Martin came, but only for a short visit. Jonas, John Tore, Tove and Ådne played games like COD 5, Kung foo something someting: Fists of Plastic, Supersonic Acrobatic Battlecars or something like that.

Now Jonas, Martin, Ådne and John Tore are playing COD 5, singleplayer campain on VETERAN, and are curently at the first mission. It takes some turns to get from checkpoint to checkpoint but we'll get there!


John Tore was sound asleep and dreaming about rainbows and meadows it was like a fairytale. And then, all of a sudden he was awoken by a faul and loud noice. It was his cellphone, and on the other end Radio Haugaland. The man asked a lot of questions, that John Tore can't remember because it takes him some time wake up properly.

In other news across the floor; Sondre went to bed, Jonas is playing FEAR 2, and is jumping around in fear, almost, or not. Sondre finally said yes to go into the bedroom and sleep properly after some persuasion from Jonas and John Tore, he only wanted to sleep in the gaming room, but he used most of the bed, so there were no more room for other two tiny boys.

Another big news however is that Sondres mom just came with a freaking lot things, 3boards of Coke, a lot of Ice Tea, yoghurt, chips, chocolate, gum and much more. So now we have enough food and drink to last atleast a millennium!

Monday, 29 June 2009


The new game Call of Duty 5: World At War dominates the screen at the moment, we've tried offline multiplayer; Jonas and Ådne vs John Tore and Sondre, John Tore and Sondre won most of the time. We've also tried Nazi Zombie, and are currently playing through the story in coop mode.

We're waiting for night to fall, because we want it dark when we start FEAR 2. Jonas was supposed to sleep, but kinda forgot, so now he's just waiting for us to fire up FEAR 2 and scare our pants of. Jonas has apparently played FEAR 1 and says that he expects scary shit to happen.

We're off killing, Nazis in Cod 5. Adiós

2 New Games!

We just got the games: Call of Duty 5: World At War and FEAR 2, we actually got the FEAR 2 as a gift from my sister Maren Elin. We just ate pita-bread with chicken taco meat, and other taco like materials. Jonas is about to go to bed, because he wants to be awake when we start FEAR 2, we're going to start playing it when it gets dark. So until night time, Ådne is here to keep us company while Jonas is sleeping and we're going to play the new Call Of Duty 5: World At War, finally a new multiplayer First Person Shooter other than Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare!


John Tore Woke Up!

John Tore woke up all by himself at 1500, he went to bed at 0800 and therefore slept 7 hours. Jonas and Sondre has been completely occupied by Prototype, and they still sit there and play it.

There's not really more to say really, so cheers, and we'll be back.


The sun rises once again here in the beautiful place, the birds are singing, the fish is dancing and the deer is playing tag. What a beautiful place to be, except we're sitting inside, with the blinds covering the window, Jonas is sound asleep, and there are blood, guts, and bullets flying everywhere on the TV as John Tore and Sondre are playing Prototype.

There should be a PG13 sign on the door, because the language in here is not to be heard by everyone, the smell in the air is burnt pizza, John Tore turned the heat on 250 instead of 225, and well, the result was a kinda burnt pizza.

We'll probably get the other Mac up and running today, we know we promised to send live video and audio, but it wouldn't be the same if you only saw us, so we'll try to get it filming us diagonal and getting the TV in the picture as well. Jonas is probably going to wake up in the next 6 hours, he went to for approximately 6 hours ago, so that should be plenty of sleep.

Jonas Switched Off

Jonas' On and Off switch just got flicked from On to Off. He is currently sleeping, we wish him the best of luck and hope he actually gets to sleep, not like last time when he laid there for 8hours and just watching the sealing. Well, I'm off, food and Coke awaits. Sleep tight all of you with normal day and night cycles.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Prototype Time!

There you go, now we've been playing Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare A LOT so far, and we've just changed to Prototype, it's actually a lot of fun, but since it only supports one player, and is a story based game, it's not too fun for the remaining two persons that's not playing. That's the main reason that Cod4 is as much played as it is.

In other news, Jonas is still awake, and going strong, does this kid never get tired? My guess is that he'll probably fall asleep any minute now, and I'm waiting for it like a kid waits for Christmas Eve.

Do any of you guys have any suggestions to what else we can do inside this room, while one is playing?


Then there was supper or dinner if yo prefer. When dad said it was dinner Sondre and John Tore both jumped up and said adios to Jonas, but John Tore stayed behind and let Jonas go down and eat with Sondre, so they went and eat Tacos, did John Tore get any Tacos? No, he didn't so now his really depressed and has lock himself in the bathroom. Almost.

Then it's back to COD. Adios!

All Awake And Good In The Land!

Once upon a time in Sveio, there were 3 boys playing a Playstation 3 in a room while the rest of Sveios 5000 citizens were running around in the sun and playing in the water. The mighty high boy that goes by the name Sondre had been sleeping for five hours, and when he came throuhg the door we got shocked! Last gamingproject he slept for hours and hours, but he said he got awoken by the sound of Rock Band 2.

The boy that goes by the name of Jonas says that he's not going to bed untill it gets dark, he's only going to nap in the game room. But we all know, that it doen't get dark untill way after 00:00, so, he's got a long way to go with only napping.

Tove is also here now, she's been the vocals in Rock Band while John Tore played drums and some guitar and Jonas played guitar, it all went well, utill Jonas tryed Hard difficulty on the song "This Ain't A Scene, It's A Arm Race" by Fall Out Boy, lets just say that we didn't even get past 30% of that song, because he died.

Now the clash of two mighty titans is about to go down, John Tore are going to play Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer offline. This is going down in the history as the war when it all changed! John Tore is lokking for revenge, he got owned last time him and Sondre played. So, who do you think will win this battle of the millenium?

Well that's all, now Sondre and Tove is playing Rock Band togheter, not on different instruments, but both on drums, Sondre is hitting the red drum, and Tove the rest. They're acctually doing pretty good.

And then they lived happily ever after, and Jonas kept sleeping.
John Tore just woke up, and Sondre took the bed after playing prototype for like 12 hours straight and passed the controller on. For some reason Sondre had been playing on easy difficulty, which is why John Tore now started all over, on normal difficulty.

And Prototype has been good so far, it was not as impressive as I had sort of grown to expect at first (some movement controls felt kinda clumsy at first, took some getting used too), but its really started to grow on me (might be the whole GTA feel of moving down civilians..?), and it is turning out to be a rather good game. Graphics are fine, not any wow! but not bad either, so id call em fine.

Blablabla.. Evertyhings fine so far.. temperatures are still high but weve got some clouds now, that might help.. And im off to game, cuz Prototype was fun ^^

First Sleepy Time

John Tore is going to bed, while Jonas and Sondre are playing Battlefield: Bad Company. This is the first shift, and I have the feeling that Jonas and Sondre will fire up Prototype as soon as I close the door and goes to bed...

In other words, nighty night y'all, I'll see y'all later.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

And Then They Were Two

Jonas The Abandoner has left the building. There were some family thing that he had to do, and therefore he had to leave. So at the moment we're only two sitting here. Sondre is currently playing God and killing entire forest's using a mounted machinegun on a car in Battlefield: Bad Company.

It's been like Hell in this room today, we had to have fans cooling us and the Playstation 3 down, so we wouldn't all have meltdowns. We're all praying for cooler weather.

And then for a question to all of you: Do you have any ideas of a punishment we can give Jonas The Abandoner?

Starting up

The PS3 is running and John Tore and Sondre are now playing hide and seek in COD Modern Warfare. We now have about 240 hours left of the project, and a personal goal for me during this time is to play Metal Gear Solid 1-4.
It's frikkin hot outside now, warmest days of the summer so far, with almost 30 degrees celsius in the shade. So we're aiming two fans at us to try to stay cool.
Radio Haugaland is going to do an interview on monday..

And i cant quite think of anything else to write (and im missing out on COD now) so there will be more updates later, probably including our opinions on Prototype


The Preparations Has Begun

The preparations for this years gaming project has now begun. We start at 1800 Norwegian time, and there are still a lot of things to do. There has also been one new addition to the game list Prototype, we got it yesterday and we're really eager to test it out, but we want to save it to we start.

This was all for this time, check back soon for more updates as we start.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Complete Game List:

Here's the Complete game list (Playstation 3 and PSN only):
  1. The Godfather (Ps3)
  2. Resident Evil (Ps3)
  3. Watchmen: The End Is Night (PSN)
  4. Flower (PSN)
  5. 3 On 3 NHL Arcade (PSN)
  6. Skate (Ps3)
  7. Skate 2 (Ps3)
  8. Magic Ball (Ps3)
  9. Mirror's Edge (Ps3)
  10. Resistance Fall Of Man (Ps3)
  11. Resistance 2 (Ps3)
  12. Little Big Planet (Ps3)
  13. Saint's Row 2 (Ps3)
  14. Fifa 09 (Ps3)
  15. Linger In Shadows (Ps3)
  16. Wipeout (Ps3)
  17. Soulcalibour IV (Ps3)
  18. Beijing 2008 - The Official Video Game Of The Olympic Games (Ps3)
  19. Battlefield: Bad Company (Ps3)
  20. Metal gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots (Ps3)
  21. Race Driver: GRID (Ps3)
  22. Haze (Ps3)
  23. Grand Theft Auto IV (Ps3)
  24. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (Ps3)
  25. Army Of Two (Ps3)
  26. Lost: Via Domus (Ps3)
  27. The Club (Ps3)
  28. Fifa Street 3 (Ps3)
  29. Toy Home (PSN)
  30. The Orange Box (Ps3)
  31. High Velocity Bowling (Ps3)
  32. PAIN (PSN)
  33. Time Shift (Ps3)
  34. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Ps3)
  35. Assassin's Creed (Ps3)
  36. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Ps3)
  37. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Ps3)
  38. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction (Ps3)
  39. Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock (Ps3)
  40. Rock Band 2 (Ps3)
  41. Fifa 08 (Ps3)
  42. Folklore (Ps3)
  43. NBA Live 08 (Ps3)
  44. LocoRoco Cocoreccho! (PSN)
  45. Super Stardust HD (PSN)
  46. Super Rub A Dub (PSN)
  47. MotorStorm (Ps3)
  48. Inferno Pool (PSN)
  49. Burn Zombie Burn (PSN)
  50. Worms (PSN)
  51. Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists Of Plastic (PSN
  52. Noby Noby Boy (PSN
  53. MagicBall (PSN)
So if you own any of these games, add us and we'll play.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Redy For The Next Gaming Project

2009 Gaming project is starting soon. It's all going down 27. June - 7. Juli. And yes, to all you math fans out there, this year we're taking it a bit further. Not 7 days and nights, but 10 days and nights. This makes the total hours 240. That's 72 hours more than last year, but we're up for the challenge. As the date is getting closer and closer, we're all preparing ourselves mentally.

The following changes has happened since last year:
  • We're not trying to get Guiness on the project
  • We're going to try to get some sponsors before it starts
  • We have added some games in the roster
  • We have upgraded the main Playstation 3 with a 320GB Hard drive
  • We are not going to record the entire project
  • We are going to broadcast some of the project live on stickcam
  • We are going to try to have some contest
  • The project is 72 hours longer
  • It's happening earlier in the year so it might be cooler
So keep checking the blog in the near future for more information about this years project.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Thanks To All Of You!

We all thank you, we have finally reached 13 000 visitors! That's an big achievement for us all. We hope you all will watch our blog in the future as well. In the next project there will be more action, and more fun. We will upload more photos and more videos. And don't forget to watch the web cam when we start.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Recent Updates

We need sponsors to sponsor us with games, food, and other supplies. You can pay for having a banner over the TV so that the banner is shown on the web cam, or you can have it on our blog. It's up to you what you decide.

Recent updates:
  • We have changed the duration of the next project from 14 days to 10 days. (Because that's a more realistic duration. Also 14 days might be to long for our bodies.)
  • We have gotten a live streaming web cam up and running on Stickam.
  • We are trying to fix the 13 hour maximum filming that we had on the previous project. (We would love some tips)
  • We're looking for sponsors.
  • We're dry training for the project by staying up all night and playing.
  • We think we have found a sleeping pattern that might work better than the last we had.
  • We've got PSN Home so now it's easier to interact with some of our fans.
  • We've past Christmas and there has been a few games added to the list.