Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sleeping Crysis!

We had a sleeping problem, Jonas were sleeping while John Tore and Sondre were playing Cod 5 and Rock Band through the night, but John Tore were so sleepy he fell asleep during songs, and Sondre was getting pretty sleepy to, so when Jonas walked through the door, John Tore jumped into bed and Sondre fell asleep in the gaming room. Jonas sat playing Metal Gear 2 while the two were sleeping and when the clock struck 2000 they were awoken. At 2030 there was Mexican Soup, were Jonas and John Tore ate with the family and Sondre sat playing alone, 10minutes into the dinner Ådne showed up, and went upstairs to play with Sondre.

So now were playing Cod 5: Nazi Zombies, and all are well in the land again.

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