Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Guinness World Records

Our application to GWR (Guinness World Records) is now sent. We hope that they will approve our application, so that we might get "famous". The process of making the application was long, but it gave me a good impression of GWR, they don't fool around. If we get the approval from GWR other media will probably want to write about us. But if we don't get GWR's approval we will still be carrying out the project. GWR is only something extra, it's not crucial to the project.

Hopefully we will get the answer from them in a couple of days. So everybody cross you're fingers. We also have plans to contact Vestavind (The local newspaper at our home), Haugesunds avis (another local newspaper) and Radio 102 (a local radio channel). We hope to get through at least to one of these three local medias.

We hope you will continue to check our blog, and don't be shy to leave a comment.
We will try to keep this blog updated. But there won't be any big news until we get a reply from GWR. The blog will be updated daily when the week starts. We also hope to give the date for the project, but the planing has not yet come that far.

You're truly: Gamer

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