Sunday, 18 May 2008

GWR Agreement

We have finally got a reply from GWR, it's a no-reply e-mail though. We have to sign a contract and fax it to them basicly for the world record attempt to be official. We really hope the record attempt will get accepted. If it does, the biggest problem will be to find an "expert" in gaming. We think we might have to contact one of our local electronic shop keepers to help us out on this area.

But don't worry, the project will continue even if we don't get the project confirmed by GWR's so to all our fans: Don't worry, we are not going to cancel the project for any other reason than illness or similar.

The planing are going well, we are reading about epilepsy in case of the worst. We currently know some about it, but still not enough. Safety comes first. We are not endangering our heath by playing video games, that's for sure! We still need to sign the agreement, and fax it to GWR, to settle it. So everybody cross you're fingers and toes for the best!

You're safe Gamer: Gamer!

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