Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The planing of the next gaming week!

We are in progress of planing our next gaming week. What we have done so far is getting the OK to borrow the same sleeping room, and getting all three of us psyched for the week, we are going to start the preparations, in the months to come, so check in regularly...

The things that might change this year is:
  1. We are thinking of expanding the gaming week to 2 gaming weeks.
  2. We are going to alert the media in advance to get better coverage.
  3. We are going to try to talk more with Guinness World Records.
  4. We are going to to talk to some nearby shops about sponsoring us.
  5. We are going to try to send a live feed with our webcam online for all you fans out there!
  6. We are going to fix the webcam recorder issue from last time.
So I hope you are looking forward to this as much as we are! Smell ya' later!


Franklin said...

Cool... do you plan on doing it this year or next?

By the way, you probably have to take a lot of energy drinks during that time... I suggest you try 6 Hour Power energy shots. They come in a variety of flavors, have zero sugar or calories, and don't end with the crash. They make the perfect pick me up for marathon gaming sessions. Check them out at

I know you guys already have one, but to the readres... there's also this contest of theirs going on where you can win a PS3 or Xbox 360. If you'd like to hear more details shoot me an e-mail.

Good luck with the next gaming week!

Franklin Keane

Hakon B said...

Hehe, why not :D Please let me know in advance which games you will be playing so that I can play with you guys online!
Now you guys can try to get trophies as well, so I guess that will be even more fun ;-)

Hakon from