Thursday, 20 November 2008

Online Webcam

Then we have established a webcam that our fans can watch while we are playing, this webcam will have a slightly different task than the one we had last year. The one we had last year was meant for pure taping, so that we had proof, but this summer we will try to combine this. Our goal is to have one cam sending live feed of us and the TV to all of our fans, and one just recording from almost the same angel. And we also want a live feed of the TV-screen, this is still in the planing stage, if any of you guys know how to send the video from the PS3 or TV directly from the source and to the computer please tell us, if we can't get we'll have to set up a webcam just filming the screen and sending it on the internet.

The page we are using to send live feed is: Stickam, the exact URL for our live feed is: This URL will not be sending live feed until the day we start, the only thing you might see is us testing its durability.

In other news, Christmas is coming up, a great upertunity to get some new games to play this sumer, and maby we'll get to se SANTA this year! So therfor we wish you and you're family a marry Christmas and a happy new year! See you soon!


susan booth said...

I'm looking to buy a playstation 3 for my boyfriend this year for Christmas would gamestation be the best place to get one from?

Gamer said...

I honestly don't know to much about the American market, but you might find a comparison site somewhere on the web and there you can see what's the cheapest.