Monday, 29 June 2009


The sun rises once again here in the beautiful place, the birds are singing, the fish is dancing and the deer is playing tag. What a beautiful place to be, except we're sitting inside, with the blinds covering the window, Jonas is sound asleep, and there are blood, guts, and bullets flying everywhere on the TV as John Tore and Sondre are playing Prototype.

There should be a PG13 sign on the door, because the language in here is not to be heard by everyone, the smell in the air is burnt pizza, John Tore turned the heat on 250 instead of 225, and well, the result was a kinda burnt pizza.

We'll probably get the other Mac up and running today, we know we promised to send live video and audio, but it wouldn't be the same if you only saw us, so we'll try to get it filming us diagonal and getting the TV in the picture as well. Jonas is probably going to wake up in the next 6 hours, he went to for approximately 6 hours ago, so that should be plenty of sleep.

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