Sunday, 28 June 2009

All Awake And Good In The Land!

Once upon a time in Sveio, there were 3 boys playing a Playstation 3 in a room while the rest of Sveios 5000 citizens were running around in the sun and playing in the water. The mighty high boy that goes by the name Sondre had been sleeping for five hours, and when he came throuhg the door we got shocked! Last gamingproject he slept for hours and hours, but he said he got awoken by the sound of Rock Band 2.

The boy that goes by the name of Jonas says that he's not going to bed untill it gets dark, he's only going to nap in the game room. But we all know, that it doen't get dark untill way after 00:00, so, he's got a long way to go with only napping.

Tove is also here now, she's been the vocals in Rock Band while John Tore played drums and some guitar and Jonas played guitar, it all went well, utill Jonas tryed Hard difficulty on the song "This Ain't A Scene, It's A Arm Race" by Fall Out Boy, lets just say that we didn't even get past 30% of that song, because he died.

Now the clash of two mighty titans is about to go down, John Tore are going to play Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer offline. This is going down in the history as the war when it all changed! John Tore is lokking for revenge, he got owned last time him and Sondre played. So, who do you think will win this battle of the millenium?

Well that's all, now Sondre and Tove is playing Rock Band togheter, not on different instruments, but both on drums, Sondre is hitting the red drum, and Tove the rest. They're acctually doing pretty good.

And then they lived happily ever after, and Jonas kept sleeping.

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