Saturday, 27 June 2009

And Then They Were Two

Jonas The Abandoner has left the building. There were some family thing that he had to do, and therefore he had to leave. So at the moment we're only two sitting here. Sondre is currently playing God and killing entire forest's using a mounted machinegun on a car in Battlefield: Bad Company.

It's been like Hell in this room today, we had to have fans cooling us and the Playstation 3 down, so we wouldn't all have meltdowns. We're all praying for cooler weather.

And then for a question to all of you: Do you have any ideas of a punishment we can give Jonas The Abandoner?


Bob Bradshaw said...

"buhuhu, my ps3 need an external fan when it is 30 degrees so it won't overheat" ^^

also: FIRST!:D

Anonymous said...

Good luck mate ^^ have fun! ^^ Maybe I'm going to visting you tomorrow ^^ or today ;D

Kristoffer / Bakke

Gamer said...