Tuesday, 30 June 2009


John Tore was sound asleep and dreaming about rainbows and meadows it was like a fairytale. And then, all of a sudden he was awoken by a faul and loud noice. It was his cellphone, and on the other end Radio Haugaland. The man asked a lot of questions, that John Tore can't remember because it takes him some time wake up properly.

In other news across the floor; Sondre went to bed, Jonas is playing FEAR 2, and is jumping around in fear, almost, or not. Sondre finally said yes to go into the bedroom and sleep properly after some persuasion from Jonas and John Tore, he only wanted to sleep in the gaming room, but he used most of the bed, so there were no more room for other two tiny boys.

Another big news however is that Sondres mom just came with a freaking lot things, 3boards of Coke, a lot of Ice Tea, yoghurt, chips, chocolate, gum and much more. So now we have enough food and drink to last atleast a millennium!


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