Friday, 12 June 2009

Redy For The Next Gaming Project

2009 Gaming project is starting soon. It's all going down 27. June - 7. Juli. And yes, to all you math fans out there, this year we're taking it a bit further. Not 7 days and nights, but 10 days and nights. This makes the total hours 240. That's 72 hours more than last year, but we're up for the challenge. As the date is getting closer and closer, we're all preparing ourselves mentally.

The following changes has happened since last year:
  • We're not trying to get Guiness on the project
  • We're going to try to get some sponsors before it starts
  • We have added some games in the roster
  • We have upgraded the main Playstation 3 with a 320GB Hard drive
  • We are not going to record the entire project
  • We are going to broadcast some of the project live on stickcam
  • We are going to try to have some contest
  • The project is 72 hours longer
  • It's happening earlier in the year so it might be cooler
So keep checking the blog in the near future for more information about this years project.

1 comment:

Tove Iren said...

Glede meg! :D Eg må stikka innom å sjå kossen det går, e heldivis oppe litt av den perioden der;P