Sunday, 28 June 2009

John Tore just woke up, and Sondre took the bed after playing prototype for like 12 hours straight and passed the controller on. For some reason Sondre had been playing on easy difficulty, which is why John Tore now started all over, on normal difficulty.

And Prototype has been good so far, it was not as impressive as I had sort of grown to expect at first (some movement controls felt kinda clumsy at first, took some getting used too), but its really started to grow on me (might be the whole GTA feel of moving down civilians..?), and it is turning out to be a rather good game. Graphics are fine, not any wow! but not bad either, so id call em fine.

Blablabla.. Evertyhings fine so far.. temperatures are still high but weve got some clouds now, that might help.. And im off to game, cuz Prototype was fun ^^

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