Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Still Going Strong!

We are still going strong! The 40GB PS3 system has not yet crashed, but we keep getting signed of the internet preventing us to play online. We are rank 15 on Battlefield: Bad Company, and level 54 on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. We have used most of our time on Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, and we have also played Race Driver: GRID and Folklore a bit. Currently we're playing Battlefield: Bad Company offline. Soon theres only 12 hours left of the project. And we probably got enough Coco Pops to survive the rest of the holiday. Our new fridge is working super and nobody has fallen out the window yet.

Jonas is still awake, but he don't want to stay awake the last hours. So if you think he should write a comment. We think we have reached the stage of tiredness where you don't realize that we're tired (if that's possible). We are also playing SPORE: Creatures Creator on the Windows iMac. But currently there's only me and Jonas in the room.

John Tore made 56% of Top Gun anthem on Expert on Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock today, and Jonas is getting the hang of medium. We are expecting Haugesunds Avis to pay us a visit tomorrow, and we are looking forward to it. We understand that people has lost interest in us, but I thank all of you that checks our blog frequently. I think we have reached 30 Liters of Coca Cola. Witch is not too bad for one week of gaming.

We also had a couple of visitors: Tove (Jonas' big sister, by the way: congrats with you're drivers license!), Vanja (Jonas| cousin) and Jeanette (our neighbor). Soon there's only 12 hours to go!


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There's a lot of weird typo's on your blog, such as confusing "too" with "to", "you're" with "your" and on this one - "which" with "witch".

Nice to see that you've almost done, and you only bricked on PS3.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean "one" PS3?

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Skrivefeil er ikke til å unngå i en blogg da en skriver fort og legger det ut før en gjerne leser gjennom - så til alle som komenterer skrivefeil, håper og tror at dere ALDRI har en eneseste "trykkfeil" selv når det publiserer på nett.

Hilsen trofast blogger