Saturday, 12 July 2008

John Tore Is Awake Again!

After sleeping for some 11 hours, John Tore is awake again, he's refreshed and ready to game. Jonas and Sondre have been playing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for about 3 hours. And they just made it to act 2. So far, its a great game, good enough to keep us going for som hours, and we are probably going to finish it before the end of our week.

John Tore's PS3 (the 60 gig) is still not working, so we are atill using the 40 gig version. All the saves and the downloaded content is on the 60 gig, forcing us to start the games we play on the 40 gig from the start. But considering tha fact that we have loads of time to play them, its ok.


Anonymous said...

Finn dokk feil'n me 60 gig'n?
å løkke tel vidre me spællinga :P

orriekm said...

De må reformatere disken.