Monday, 14 July 2008

T-47 Hours remaining!

We now have 47 hours left. Also meaning we have constantly played ps3 for the last 121 hours. We have defeated MGS4 again, 8 Hours and 1 death. We are now doing it without killing anyone, or dying! Sondre is still sound asleep. John Tore is going crazy, he's not sleepy anymore, all thanks to our energy mixture. We are starting to get "light headed"...

The Energy Drink recopy (Best made in 0,5L):
- 1/3 Coca Cola (Not a copy brand)
- 1/3 Battery (Energy drink, not the thing)
- 1/3 Green Ice Tea (Lime flavour)

For the ultimate effect chug it! Drink everything up. If this doesn't work, I don't know what will. This is the one that tastes the best, if you want an even better result use this recopy:
The Ultimate Energy Drink:
- 2/5 Coca Cola (the real deal)
- 2/5 Battery (the energy drink)
- 1/5 Ice Team (Lime flavour)
Then chug it all down at once! And you won't get to sleep for atleast 15minutes.

The reason this Energy Drink is so good is:
- You're body gets a shock because it does not taste to good.
- You get a lot of sugar inn you in just some seconds.
- Every item contains a pretty large amount of coffine.
- You're body gets a lot of fluid it has to process.


Anonymous said...

That's gotta be one of the strangest combos ever! It intrigues me slightly...

Keep gaming, There's no turning back now! n_n

Anonymous said...

koss det går me gaminga?

hilsen trønder