Thursday, 10 July 2008


The clock shows 06:00 here in Norway. Most people are asleep at this particularly tiring part of the day.. We are not.. Two of us are wide awake, one gaming, the other eating breakfast. The third fella is trying to get some shut-eye, good luck to him.

Race driever GRID dominates the the big screen now, but its about to get dominated by Army of Two, a personal favourite amongst us. New maps, all thanks to downloadable content, might get us back into that neat fashion of being hooked to a coop game.

As I type, the game is starting. Therefore I take my leave from typing to do some coop killing.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up, just six more days now!

Torjus said...

dere burde få opp en live-feed av når dere spiller. Så på Jim i usa som slo rekorden for lengst spilletid (25+ timer) uten så mye søvn. Uansett, fortsett med forsøket:)