Thursday, 10 July 2008

Two New Games!

Mikael Harstad Groven got so thrilled by the idea of the project that he decided to send two games to us in the mail to give us a bigger variation of gaming. He sent the following games:
- Beijing 2008
- The Bourne Conspirasy
We just cant thank him enough for his kindness. We hope the get the games in the mail at Monday or Tuesday.

In other news, Jonas' little brother Ådne came the see how we were doing and he came to sit and play. Me Sondre and Ånde are playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare versus on some of the new maps I have downloaded. We all hope Jonas will get some sleep this time, because the last time it was his sleep shift it did not go to good.


Anonymous said...

I've started checking your blog like every 5 minutes. This is getting exciting.

Game on!

Anonymous said...

What a fucking ridiculous idea....