Saturday, 12 July 2008

Good Morning! 0600

Jonas is still sleeping and I'm trying to play on the 60GB PS3... The way solution I came to was that I could buy some PSX classics on PSN and play them... My mother wants to play Crash Bandicoot, so we will see how this ends up... Sondre is still playing Gmod and he has decided to stay awake for 24 hours. He slept to 1500 yesterday, so he's almost there only 8 more hours... The blog is still popular and I thank all of you for checking it.


orriekm said...

05:59.... xD

Hang in there guys!
Play some Warkhawk or BF: Bad Company! That will use some of your time.

orriekm said...

I meant Warhawk*

Gamer said...

Yeah, but then we must start all over!