Sunday, 13 July 2008

Act 5 In MGS4!

We have now reached Act 5 Old Sun. We are on their boat and the objective is to destroy the nuke. WE have been playing 13hours and have died around 17 times. We currently have 100 000DrebinPoints. Jonas and me are getting pretty tired, I actually had to wake Jonas up once, he fell asleep for a minute or so, Sondre isn't showing signs of sleepiness, witch is good. The 40GB is still going strong with a fan cooling it down at all times. When the room has reached its hottest I guess it was about 25-27 degrees inn here. and at the coldest probably 16-18 degrees. We don't know what game we are going to play after MGS4 but we are definitely playing this game through! The only negative about it is that you have to register an new account on their network to play online. Other than that it's as perfect as possible!

The neighbours cows are now waking up. If I had to guess I would guess that we have drank proximately 10liters of Coke, one batter almost two Ice-teas and a couple of litres of water.

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