Monday, 14 July 2008

It Finally Happened!

Jonas finally did it! He spilt coke, and not only spilt on the floor and table, but also on several of the games! I'm quite impressed over him, it took him over 4 days to do it, that's not bad!

P4 just had an interview with me, so if you want to hear me, just tune in on P4 from 0800 to 0830. Sondre is still sound asleep, and me and Jonas just had Tove come over with some sandwiches for us. Now that's service! Me and Jonas are playing Battlefield: Bad Company online, so if you're bored. Join us!


Anonymous said...

Spille på skift? Er det noe problem a?

Orriekm said...

De skulle egentlig game på 2 konsoller, men den ene (60GB) gikk til "pieces".

Synd det :/