Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Interviews Done

We are now done with two interviews, P4 and radio 102. We are all quite tired here now, Sondre is playing RuneScape and me and Jonas are finishing MGS4 for the fourth time this week. Other than that theres not really much to say other than that we are expecting Haugesunds Avis around 1700.


Anonymous said...

You should download and play some SnakeBall.
It's on PSN.
Nice and psychedelic, should be fun at the end of the week.
Great multiplayer-possibilites.

Hakon B said...

Heard you on P4... coll that you made it on the radio :p

How about making it 2 weeks in stead of one? =P

Anonymous said...

Heisann! STÅ på guttar!