Monday, 14 July 2008

Loads Of Visitors!

Almost Sondre's entire family came to visit. Asta (his mother), Gunnhild (his older sister), Stine, Katrine (oldest sister) and Arnt (Katrine's boy-friend), we also had a visit from Helene and Kine again, and Ådne took the scary trip from his house and over to us. Jonas is still sleeping, he has been sleeping since 1900. Me and Sondre are keeping our eye-lids up by drinking the home-bred energy-drink. It kinda tastes like coke slush. We have been playing Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriots some more (on act 3 again), Folklore (Rank 7 now) and now we are playing Race Driver GRID. We thank everyone for good comments on how to move the saved games. Last time I tried I to copy them I clicked on game data, not saved files... So thanks for telling me ho to do it! Now we can continue all the saves from the 60GB ps3... After the project I will take a backup of the hard-drive, and reset it.


orriekm said...

Good Luck with the 60GB Ps3.
Btw, what version did you have on the PS3? 2.40 or 2.41?

Gamer said...