Saturday, 12 July 2008

Crash Team Racing!

We have bough Crash Team Racing on PSN (Playstation Network). We bough it with my account but we are playing it on my dads PS3. Jonas is very tired and he just went to sleep, after a long day and night. We are not following the sleep-shift table anymore, so now whoever is tired goes to bed. My sister is not home any longer, so now we got two bedrooms to sleep in, meaning that two can sleep at the same time if necessary. The weather is dark and cold now witch is the best conditions for us. We have three visitors: Little Jonas, Ådne (Jonas' little brother) and Tove (Jonas' big sister). We are still waiting for Beijing 2008 and Bourne Conspiracy, we are forever grateful to him!

Sondre is playing Gmod on the iMac (running Windows xp) and the rest of us are having an huge tournament on Crash team Racing

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Thomas said...

Fått i orden PS3'en så klikka ?