Sunday, 13 July 2008

0600 Again!

It's yet another 0600 blog post! We're all still "awake", we made the dream with the nostalgic game graphics. We are in other words on the 3 Act of MGS4: Guns of the Patriots. The sun is coming over the horizons, and there is a morning smell outside. Tonight we had no wasp or mosquito visitors, and we are very grateful for that! MGS4 is one of greatest games to PS3 that I have ever played. We are still looking forward to the ending scene. Non of us wants to go to sleep, because we don't want to miss a cut-scene. Well now it's time for breakfast... Coco Pops Crunchies (or something like that...)


Kong Knut den Mektige:) said...

Nå stikker jeg på ferie så dere får ha lykke til videre:)

Anonymous said...

Hva slags PSN nick har dere?

Gamer said...