Thursday, 10 July 2008

We have detected a big issue!

The Curtain in the bed-room is letting almost all the light through and this is causing that Jonas almost did not sleep. We are going to fix this at 0600 by installing a better curtain.

Also, the iMac that is recording everything, has been recording for over 10 Hours now, and it has yet not crashed. This would have been amazing on a Windows based system, but on a Mac it's just everyday matter.

Sondre is the next in line to sleep and it's only 90minutes left till he gets it! Right now he's enjoying him self with the game: Race driver GRID, I think he likes the replays the best.

Everything is going according to plan, except the curtain issue, and the issue that we are being extremely tired. I just took a shower to keep me awake, and Jonas is trying to sleep.


Anonymous said...

10 hours without crashing isnt really amazing for iMac nor windows base system... maybe if u still use windows 95/98/Millenium it is.. but newer windows system like Vista/XP can easily hold on for 10 hours.. been running my won Vista for 2 weeks now without rebooting.. no issues has occured for me yet.. so stating 10 hours is amazing for a windows based system is bulls***.

Knut den Hellige said...

you, my friend, is a wonderful person:) I think he was pointing aout tha fact that Imacs can't handle the awesome powers of windows and that's why it overheats:) and btw, I have been playing for 10 hours now and still going strong:D

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 10 hours on a windows system is a peace of cake.
The two windows computers i got running is currently at 14 days and 35 days.
And they are both lucky if they drop below 50% load ;)
But keep on going strong.