Saturday, 12 July 2008

Jonas is awake!

We woke up Jonas and gave him some home brewed "wake up drink" (Coca Cola, Ice tea with Lime flavor and Battery) he's now playing Loco Rocco and looks like he's enjoying it... We are currently playing everything on the 40Gb version because the 60GB isn't working to good. I'm going to call or email Sony later today. Now Sondre is playing RuneScape, because he got tired of Gmod... I'm thinking about going to bed some time soon, and i hope I get to sleep. We're probably going to start Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriots on the 40GB console, because we want to see how it is later on in the game. We hadn't played for more than a couple of hours so we don't have to do much over again.

PS: If there are someone who knows how you can get you're saves from one console to another, we would really appreciate it a lot! We are using the same profile on both consoles if that matters.


TMS said...

Stå på gutter!
Gjør gamerne stolte!

Anonymous said...

dåkk kan overføra det dåkk har lagra t ein memorystick.
under spill i menyen finner du noe alla behandle lagret spill.
finn spille du vil kopiere, å overfør til memorysticken.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

get a job you losers

Anonymous said...

Kjempemessig gutter - all respekt for prosjektet. Artig å tilbringe en uke på denne måten. Dere kommer garantert til å sette pris på telturen etter uken med gaming. Lykke til videre!

Stor hilsen fra Kongsvinger.

Anonymous said...

Haha herlig wakeup drink!
Nesten sjalu jeg. Kjør på!

Orriekm said...

Use a MemroyStick or a Extern Harddrive and copy the savegames over to it. Afterwards you can just connect the MemoryStick/Extern HD to your 40GB and there you go.
You don't need to copy the savegames over to the 40GB HD again, you can just have them on the Extern HD.

I just tested it to be 100% sure that it works, and it does!

Good Luck guys!